Demine Your Mine


Hoping to have a better life in the city, a young man named Gena decides to leave his home village, feeling that neither ignorant villagers nor his own family can see what he really wants.

One morning Gena packs his things, takes his albums, watercolors, pencils, and escapes through the window, leaving a note for his parents.

Gena is hesitant while heading to the bus stop. However, step by step, he becomes more resolute, as on his way he meets everything he despises so much: mud and mess, drunkards, shrewish women, who steal from each other, and children who are soon to become the same drunkards and misfits. Despite loving the beauty of his home village, the wonderful landscapes of Ukrainian countryside, Gena doesn’t want to be like those people. He wants to be an artist.

His bus is to arrive in three hours, and Gena decides to go through a field, so that he won’t meet anyone. He feels his freedom in the air, but suddenly Gena steps onto something. He hears a click and realizes. It’s a mine.

While Gena can’t move, the villagers find him here. His ex-girlfriend refuses to listen to him and calls him a moron. A little boy who comes out of nowhere records a video and leaves with Gena’s phone. Gena is alone. He has nothing to do but draw.

Old women who pass Gena say he’s a junkie and call his parents. Gena’s mom mocks him, and his father doesn’t say a word. When Gena tells them he’s stepped onto a mine, the parents ask their local police officer to come, but he, being drunk and incompetent, can’t help them either.

The villagers start to gather around to gawk at the unusual show. They point at Gena, say he is good-for-nothing, and the village priest splashes holy water on him, mumbling some odd prayers. The boy records a video using Gena’s phone.

The bus is about to come. Unable to take any more of this humiliation, Gena ‘explodes’.